Ceramic Studio & Classes PlayWithClayStudios@gmail.com

By participating in activities at Play With Clay, All studio visitors are agreeing they accept and understand the following studio rules upon entering the studio

.Play With Clay Liability Release Form 

  • Late Policy
    • If you are 15 or more minutes late, you will forfeit your deposit and have to reschedule your class. Classes have a set 3 hour timeline to ensure students’ success, so tardiness throws off the whole class’ routine.
  • Cancellation Policy 
    • Students are able to cancel a reservation up to 72 hours prior to class start time without penalty.
      • This still applies even if a student signs up for a class under 72 hours before a class.
    • Cancellations must be time stamped, by email request to guarantee deposit transferability.
    • Any cancellations made in less than 72 hours, forfeit the deposit paid for class.
    • Classes are always transferable up to 1 year after purchase date, whether a class is cancelled in or outside the allowed cancellation period.
  •  No Refund Policy
    • Ceramic artworks, contrary to staff efforts, throughout its process are subject to damaging variables. In the rare instance any of these uncontrollable factors occur,  students receive equal or better than exchanges, replacements or studio credit, (as long as the student has returned to retrieve their artwork in the allowed 4 month time.)
    • Classes are an educational service provided at set times. Understandably emergency cancellations can interfere with attendance by students, or even unexpectedly by teachers. Given these circumstances, all purchased classes are transferable in studio credit however a student deems fit for up to 1 year after purchase date.
  • Deposit Policy
    • This $12 will pay for 1 pot firing and glaze if class was previously purchased.
    • Otherwise $12 credit can be applied towards class or other purchase.
    • Deposits are absorbed by studio if students cancel class, party or are a no show for any reason.
  • Vouchers & Coupons Policy
    • All offers are to be used by expiration date posted.
    • Purchased offers are always worth purchase price and are transferable in studio even after expiration.
    • If an exception was otherwise made, student must present proof in writing by PWC staff  to their teacher at time of their class.