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Wanting to practice throwing skills learned in class, or have a specific project in mind? 
Anytime the studio is open, clay enthusiasts are welcome to come in and create for open studio. This includes hand building or wheel throwing, (though students in regularly scheduled classes have priority on wheels.) Up to 10 lbs. of clay and tools are provided, but participates are never required to keep any unwanted artworks. Firing and glazing of creations is extra depending on each artwork’s size. All artwork is guaranteed 1 month from creation date then the artist will have up to 4 months to return and glaze the pieces or at least retrieve them to bring for a future session​


Open Studio per person         $10

  • Up to 10 lbs. of clay to play with
  • Use of studio equipment including the potters’ wheel
  • Quick hand building demo if needed, (though expected to be able to work independently)
  • Use of all tools


Glaze and firing fees include both firings, studio glazes plus necessary materials to finish your ceramic masterpieces! 1 Glaze class is also included and required for artists who are glazing in the studio for the first time.


Firing & Glazing Fees include a glaze class (allow at least 1 month from the date of creation,) all glaze materials and firings. Costs are determined by the size of creations and are as follows:

  • Less than 8 inches in any directions     $12
  • 8 to 12 inches in any direction             $15
  • Over 12 inches in any direction           $20
2 weeks from glazing date, artwork is guaranteed to have been glaze fired and ready to be picked during regularly open studio hours.


Professional Glazing      $8 per piece

Don’t want to drive back to glaze your artwork? Have a PWC master staff member glaze it for you! We will professionally apply a glaze color of your choice, so when you return your creations will be completed!